Business Consultation

Business Consultation

Our staff at J Sidhu Accounting has the knowledge and understanding to assist you with several challenges that your business may encounter throughout the course of its existence. Whether you’re setting together a
strategy for starting up, trying to develop or modify stuff up, or maybe intending to sell or wind things down, we can offer expert guidance and accounting services to help you succeed.
The old adage that it’s lonely at the top holds true in the corporate sector as well as anyplace else. On a regular basis, business managers are asked to make difficult choices on a variety of topics, and they frequently do so without the advantage of excellent, sound counsel, but J Sidhu Accounitng can assist.

We can help you with the following issues:

Over the duration of a company’s history, the owner will want expert counsel on several occasions. However, when you’re a smaller firm, it might be tough to acquire the guidance you require since you can’t constantly manage to recruit experts who can give that advice as employees. When it regards financial matters, though, J Sidhu Accounting can assist in making such judgments. J Sidhu Accounting’s mission is to deliver high-quality data and assistance that will help you and your organisation achieve any goals you set for yourself. That’s because we understand how important it is for your business and private well-being to have access to quick, accurate facts. We’ll add years of expertise to your staff, and we’ll be there for you whenever you want us.

Assisting with CRA Audits

For both organisations and people, CRA audits and reviews may be difficult and upsetting. Realizing that the CRA wishes to check through your tax return again, whether it’s the whole thing or just a section of it, such as
expenditures reported for food, amusement, or vacation, could be a very stressful situation. J Sidhu Accounting never recommends that a firm represents itself in a CRA audit, no matter how straightforward it may appear. Encountering with the CRA, even if you genuinely trust you filled out your overall tax return accurately, could be a very daunting feeling. This is particularly true if you are subjected to a face-to-face audit. Generally, the bulk of CRA audits have been conducted by mail. In various terms, the majority of Canada Revenue Agency audits take the format of emails demanding clarifications or accompanying documents for specific tax categories on a tax return. A CRA audit of a tax return almost always results in revisions to the report. Whether these modifications are beneficial to the organisation or not is dependent on the circumstances. We recommend that you engage a lawyer to defend you. You may rest easy realizing that our Tax Team has years of expertise managing CRA audits when you choose J Sidhu Accounting. When you believe you have our Tax Team on your team, you can confront an audit with courage.

The facts about an CRA audit

When conducting an audit, the CRA typically operates with the knowledge that the average taxpayer is unaware of their rights and vulnerable to intimidation and pressure. Representation for audits by J Sidhu Accounting ensures that penalties and interest payments are effectively negotiated through various liability response options available to Surrey taxpayers. All direct communication with CRA authorities is handled exclusively by our qualified tax specialists experienced with numerous settlement negotiation strategies for: